Annual Rituals

As we continue into the new year, we fall into the routine of creating mottoes to guide us through the year. The latter is initially what we intend to make of our mottoes, but for one reason or the other these so called mottoes begin to go through what I like to call “complete metamorphosis“. 

Not here to define a motto but by the looks of it, it seems like we all need to get on google for minute to remind ourselves of its actual meaning (YES, I know I’m generalizing). The misinterpretation of the word is a bit disappointing.

Mottoes are meant to guide and remind us of what we’re doing and where we’re going, which is why it makes sense that we’re prone to having one every new leaf. Down the line when inconsistency start to creep in, our mottoes start undergoing metamorphosis from a guardian to the commander in chief of excuses. 

Keeping this short, lets move forward into the year not as brand-new individuals because lets face it we’re not reborn on the first of every year, but rather as individuals looking to better themselves. Like it or not we’re constantly coming up with mottoes for ourselves. No need to reiterate the use just remember this: It is meant to guide and keep you on track not oversee your excuses

On that note

What are some of your annual routines, and what are your thoughts on the one mentioned?

Side note: Think about the mottoes as individuals how useless do you think they feel?


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