It’s a Man’s World

It’s a man’s world, although we’re trying our very best to change that, the reality is still very certain and clear to all. Men have expectations and criteria laid out, and women make it a mission to prove that they fall into those criteria and expectations.

One of these expectations is that of “possessing dignity and self-respect”. They want to make sure that their companion wasn’t and isn’t accessible to just anybody (that’s another topic on its own). My point here is women don’t hold men to the same standards.


Sadly an UGLY TRUTH, but men are given a pass when they lack the traits they wish to see in their partners. It is subtle but still PERMITTED.

If the female is expected to have these characteristics, the male should at least be on the verge of attaining them as well. Women are so afraid to create standards outside of physical features and financial status because somewhere along the line, they have been conditioned to think “his” character is not something you should seek to alter, but you (women) are willing to modify yours for him.

There’s room for disagreement in this particular topic, I would love to know what your thoughts are about this..


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