We should all NOT be feminist

What if I like having a man around, what if I like cooking and cleaning and looking after my home. Does that make me less of a woman? Allow me to set the scene.... Here  I was, at a Thanksgiving gathering just on my own. (You know those parties you go to and you only... Continue Reading →

It’s a Man’s World

It's a man's world, although we're trying our very best to change that, the reality is still very certain and clear to all. Men have expectations and criteria laid out, and women make it a mission to prove that they fall into those criteria and expectations. One of these expectations is that of "possessing dignity and self-respect".... Continue Reading →

The Rise in Bloggers

There is an enormous growth in the amount of Wife and Mommy bloggers swirling the internet. Now it feels like every person who gets married in this generation has a thing or two to say about married life. Get an engagement ring and BAM! start a blog.  'Na only you waka come' Then you have... Continue Reading →

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